When diesel breakdowns strike, you need active & mobile repair. Mobile Diesel Truck and Engine Repair maintains a fleet of 24-hour mobile diesel mechanics ready to come to the site of your breakdown provided with the tools and parts to get your semi-truck up and running. When you call, you will reach our in-house dispatch center staffed 24 hours per day, seven days per week by a team of expert breakdown team.

Once we know your location, we will recognize our closest repair vehicle by GPS tracking to give you the perfect Estimated Time of Arrival and good bill times for your 24-hour semi-truck repair service.

Do you require a tow to our facility for your 24-hour semi repair? NO! We will come to you and fix your commercial truck right where you are; you will not move here and there. 

That is why Mobile Diesel Truck Repair offers comprehensive 24/7 Breakdown Services through our 24-hour mobile diesel mechanics and heavy truck mechanics.

Why Mobile Diesel Truck and Engine Repair is the best Diesel Truck Repair Shop

Mobile Diesel Truck Repair is an experienced and certified diesel truck repair shop, providing all maintenance and repairs to diesel vehicles, including oil changes, battery services, tune-ups, brakes, transmission service, and specialized diesel services.

We know the technology following both gasoline and diesel engines, providing expert and reliable diesel mechanic services. Gasoline and diesel engines convert fuel into energy through combustion with small explosions; the difference is how those explosions occur.

A gasoline engine uses glow plugs to light the fuel and air mixture pressed by pistons. A diesel engine uses compressed air first, which is then inserted and lights without spark plugs as compressed air is already heated. In a diesel engine, the compression lights the fuel, preferably of the traditional glow plugs.

Mobile Diesel Truck Repair has the equipment to service heavy-duty vehicles, including large trucks and 18 wheeler repair, offering fast, friendly, and trained maintenance and repair services from our experienced and qualified diesel mechanics.

Arriving in 30 min
No hidden fees

Why go with our Diesel Mechanics for the truck repair?

Mobile Diesel Truck Repair is one of the leading truck repair service provider companies in Houston, Dallas, and Grand Prairie, which makes us unique. Following are some of the reasons why you should choose us.

  • Experience: At Mobile Diesel Truck Repair, we are having the team of experts, who have experience of more than 5+ years in this field. So with the help of their knowledge, we have the best client base. 
  • Focused on Work: Our Diesel Mechanics are so focused on their work that they will never give you a chance of complaint. Also, they are always ready to serve clients with happy faces anytime, anywhere.  

Now do not think anymore; pick your phone and call Mobile Diesel Truck Repair and book your appointment with us and get your truck on the road rapidly with a working state.

Do you need Truck Repair service?

We hope you won’t need it, but we are ready to help.