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Owning an 18 wheeler diesel truck is a great, and understanding how incredible these vehicles are is the essential. However, taking care of these 18 wheeler diesel trucks requires the right knowledge and skills.Diesel Truck Mechanic mostly has the proper knowledge and skills to repair your vehicle and get it back on the road. 

To make it easy for you to maintain the truck, we have written some truck engine maintenance tips which will help you to maintain your 18 wheeler diesel truck.

1) Clean The Air filter

An 18 wheeler diesel truck is a significant purchase, so make sure you take proper care of it. You can start by guaranteeing that the air filters are clean at all times. This maintenance problem’s importance is increased because diesel engines require more fuel than petrol variations to operate. Monitor the air filters regularly to make sure that your diesel engine receives sufficient clean air. 

So, are you wondering how to know when the air filters need replacement? Trucks with electric sensors make this task more manageable as they’ll let you know when the air filters need some attention. Otherwise, you can try fitting your truck with a plastic indicator, which will change color when your air filters need your attention.

While a dirty air filter can harm your truck, a clogged air filter is a serious issue. You can avoid expensive problems by making sure that you do not ignore your truck air filters.

2) Replace The Fuel Filter Often

Diesel fuel comes with a higher risk of infection than petrol, so you’ll need to be more careful when it comes to replacing the fuel filter. Not only will replacing the fuel filters always help to keep your truck operating at maximum efficiency, but it will also help to prevent engine destruction.

It’s common for diesel engines to be fitted with sensors that alert you when the fuel filter needs to be replaced. Please do not hold attending to it when you get this notice since ignoring the issue can result in costly problems with your truck.

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3) Check Your Coolant Regularly

Observing the coolant should be one of the top priorities on your truck engine maintenance list. This maintenance task is essential as coolant continuously increases in acidity over time. Acidic coolant can break components of the cooling system, which is expensive and inaccessible to repair. Set up a calendar so that the coolant is observed and flushed daily.

4) Change The Oil

Make sure that you set up a maintenance schedule that involves regular oil changes. The type of work that you use your truck for will affect how often you change the oil. Heavy-duty applications require more routine oil changes. Likewise, you will need to keep a closer eye on your oil if you use your truck for pulling. Do not forget to observe the oil level between changes. 

Park your truck on level ground and make sure that your engine is cool before you check the oil. If you’ve just finished driving your truck, you’ll need to leave it for half an hour or more before you take a look at the oil. Before you open up the hood, check that the truck is on level ground. Next, open the hood and look at the dipstick.

5) Check Your Belts

Rubber belts are essential links to keep everything in tune when an engine runs. If you hear a squeal coming from under the hood, it is time to replace them. You should check your belts for cracks and signs of wear even though they last a long time. But if they break while the engine is running, it can cause severe damage to engine components, “expensive engine components”!

6) Avoid Idling Your Engine for Extended Periods

While older diesel trucks need to be kept running to stop fuel gelling, this is no longer true for modern models. Modern diesel engines should not be kept idling for long periods as it wastes fuel, increases emissions, and reduces the lifespan of your engine. Now that you know more about truck engine maintenance, you can ensure that you take proper care of your vehicle.

These are some tips that will help you to maintain your 18 wheeler diesel truck. However, Mobile Diesel Truck Repair will help you to keep your diesel truck. Our expert team will never let your truck go down from the road and help you 24/7 assistance for the diesel truck. Do not think anymore and contact Mobile Diesel Truck Repair to get help to maintain your diesel truck now.